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Logos University partners with churches and organizations to establish schools, training centers, and internships to develop the next generation of leaders to impact their church, their community, and the marketplace. Logos University accomplishes the task of training leaders through our strategic partnerships with organizations such as yours by working with you to develop your own Leadership Institute or School of Ministry. Learn how an affiliate partnership with Logos University can give you the tools to educate and develop your leaders and your students.

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Who’s It For?

For individuals and institutions
  • Churches looking to develop a strong discipleship program.
  • Corporations needing academic certification for current training programs.
  • Pastors interested in training up the next generation of leaders and world changers.
  • Existing schools looking to enhance the academic integrity of their programs through higher level certifications.
  • Senior Pastors who desire a training program for ordaining and licensing ministerial candidates.

Why Partner with us?

Our programs are customizable to suit your needs
  • Customized Curriculum –  You choose how your students learn. The affiliate can select from live instruction, DVD lectures, or the Logos University Online Platform.  Programs are designed to allow the DNA of the pastors and leaders vision to be a part of the student’s training process.
  • Tuition Sharing Opportunity – You receive a percentage of the tuition.  Logos University gives a percentage of the student tuition back to support your affiliate program.
  • Administrative and Marketing Support – You focus on teaching, we focus on administration.  All admissions and registrar functions are handled through Logos University.

School of Ministry 

Logos University strives to provide this service with churches and organizations by partnering together to create a custom tailored program.  Educational programs are crafted in the specific cultural context based on the needs of the people.  We work with our affiliate partners to provide the best service to meet their exact needs.

There are many reasons to partner with Logos University as you establish your internship or your educational training program at your church or organization.  Here are just a few of the benefits with partnering with Logos University.

Student Benefits
  • Assist students with the application process
  • Officially enroll students into their prospective degree programs
  • Inform students on tuition payment options, including interest-free payment plans
  • Manage all students tuition payments on behalf of the local church
  • Admissions Counselors and Program Directors available to serve your students
Church Administration Benefits
  • Participate in on-site orientation/registrations
  • Assist local church director with developing course schedules
  • Manage all grade processing and posting in official transcript database
  • Provide faculty training as needed including curriculum development
  • Admissions Counselors and Programs Directors available to serve your administrative staff related to your school of ministry.
  • Logos support staff available to provide assistance with marketing/creative strategy for your campus.
  • In addition to these benefits, the local church receives 50% of students tuition to assist with the costs of running the program


A Logos University Internship Program is a biblically relevant way for post high school graduates and young adults to learn the ins and outs of ministry and/or a specific church department in the most dynamic environment. Where a classroom setting is designed to communicate large amounts of information orally (the Knowledge), an internship communicates information practically (the Application). It exposes, trains and applies information in a consistent form of action. In other words, Logos University Internship Programs are a wonderful and unique combination of equipping young people to be both “Hearers and Doers of the Word.” Both qualities are necessary in an individual’s spiritual walk towards maturity, fruitfulness and vitality within the local church.

Logos University Internship Programs offers a consistent and disciplined leadership group that is a part of the active “vision” of the local church, the moral lift to your staff and their ministries/departments, a custom tailored discipleship program for students to enter the workforce, and the educational backing of an undergraduate degree program.

We work with the local church to establish internship programs to meet the needs of the students, the church, and the community in order to best train and equip our future leaders to make an impact for the Kingdom of Heaven.  Affiliating with Logos University offers many advantages to the church and students in that our programs are Affordable, Customizable, and Practical.

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Keeping the tuition as low as possible for the students is important to Logos University.  We do not want students to miss out on the education due to cost constraints.  We offer a tuition plan that is significantly less expensive than other programs while making great strides to not sacrifice the educational credentials in the process.
We work with the local church and the local campus in order to build a custom tailored program that meets the needs and abilities of the students, the teachers, and the church.  Our internship programs train the students in a real world environment that allows the churches and ministries to maintain their DNA in training up the next generation of leadership.  Courses and program can be adapted according to the academic standards to meld with the mission and vision of the local church.

The basic structure of the internship courses is a half and half model.  Half of the program will be through academic coursework on campus at your ministry or through our online platform of courses.  The other half of the program consists of practical, hands on experience that the students gain by actively participating in the day to day ministries and activities of the church.   These credits are issued through practical experience and from the students reflecting on their experiences with the ministry leaders.

Logos University has partnered with many internships to provide the highest level of service to the campus.  Here are a few of the internship programs that partner with Logos University .

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