Dr. Misty Grant Serving as 5th President of Logos University

Dr. Misty Grant Serving as 5th President of Logos University

January 2015 saw Dr. J.L. Rivera retire from his position as President of Logos University. Through his tenure, we watched as the school grew and expanded in the same tradition as the predecessors who have come before him. Dr. Rivera leaves his legacy to continue in that same vein of growth to the one who would come after him.


The Board of Trustees was tasked with filling the vacancy of the position of President of Logos University. The search and choice was easy and close at hand as the logical and most qualified candidate occupied the office two doors away from Dr. Rivera. The Trustee’s decision was unanimous and it was announced to the staff and faculty on February 1, 2015 that Dr. Misty Grant had been selected as the new President of Logos University.


Dr. Grant is no stranger to the Logos family as she has been a vital leader of the Logos team for 18 years. She began her service to Logos as Personal Assistant to Dr. Charles Travis for 10 years. The influence of Dr. Travis has been instrumental in her leadership through the years. In 2006 Dr. Grant was appointed the President of Logos Educators Network. During that time she worked to energize and strengthen the Logos University church-based schools for both national and international campuses that has expanded into 32 nations and 200 training centers. With Dr. Grant serving as the President, Logos Educators Network was able to quickly rise to prominence by becoming the fastest growing division of the Logos family, expanding the reach of Logos University to local churches and internship programs. In 2013, Dr. Grant accepted the position of Executive Vice President of Logos University of which she was able to serve along the side of Dr. Rivera and glean from his leadership. She truly has the heartbeat and DNA of Logos and personifies all the positive qualities of a new generation leader.

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