Logos University is authorized by The Florida State Board of Independent Colleges and Universities to grant degrees and continues as a registered degree-granting institution with the Florida Department of Education Commission for Independent Education (CIE).

Logos University is peer accredited through the Association of Christian Schools International and the International Association of Bible Colleges and Seminaries. Peer accreditation is a recognition of standards, policies, and programs of like-minded institutions free of government involvement. These organizations are dedicated to creating and offering quality theological education. It is important to consider that: the degree programs of this college are designed solely for religious vocations.

Partner Organizations

Logos University and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary are currently in partnership with one another regarding transferability of credits.  Students who have successfully completed their Bachelor’s degree with Logos University are able to enter into the Master of Divinity program at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary with a recommendation from the Logos University Administrative Office.  Students interested should contact the Logos University office at for more information.

Membership Organizations

Logos University is an active member of various accreditation organizations and regularly attends meetings and complies with all standards provided.

Logos University is approved by the Florida Department of Education to issue degrees.

Logos University is a member in good standing of the Association of Christian Schools International.

Logos University  is a member in good standing of the International Association of Bible Colleges and Seminaries

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